Saltstraumen and Foundations of entrepreneurship in Bodø, Norway

5 days in Bodø, beautiful scenery, great colleagues and fun subject made for a great week. Check out video below of our visit to Saltstraumen (the world´s longest tidal current). Have just spent 5 days in northern Norway together with several other PhD students focused on many fundamental aspects of Entrepreneurship. Fun meeting a lot of smart people from all over Norway. Fun discussion with leading scholars such as Professors Johan Wiklund (Syracuse University and Stockholm School of Economics), Hans Landström (Lund University), Sara Carter (Strathclyde), Paul Westhead (Durham) and Åsa Lindholm Dahlström (Lund University). In addition, other faculty included Gry Agnete Alsos (Bodø), Espen Isaksen (Bodø) and Tommy Clausen (Bodø).

PhD course - DR430E Foundations and Future Perspectives in Entrepreneurship Research

We learnt about publishing entrepreneurship research, the roots of entrepreneurship literature, dynamic capabilities, effectuation, entrepreneurial intentions, academic entrepreneurship, financing of entrepreneurship, contextualization and possible future directions of entrepreneurship research. In addition, we received feedback on our papers and gave feedback and discussed other student´s papers. But a PhD course in the very northern part is not just Powerpoint and interesting discussions, but also enjoyable time to get to know some of the others and see the amazing fjords, mountains and the so-called “Saltstraumen” – the longest tidal current in the world, with many so-called whirlpools or maelstroms. First the water flows into the large Skerstadfjord at a high pace, and then when the fjord is filled, it starts to retrace at an equally high-speed. This particular place in Bodø has also attracted a lot of fish, and diving in this area is a very popular attraction.

Music: Gotländsk Eka, Lars Sonde on synthesizers and Pontus Engström on sopranosax