Reflecting on all the terrible things in the world

While studying here in Agder, it is impossible to disconnect from the rest of the world. There is so much horrible happening around us. One cannot comprehend. My heart goes out to everyone affected. Sometimes these events affect our own lives directly or indirectly. Information technology helps us stay alert on all the tragedies in the world. Media profits from this, and help us prioritize among the tragedies. Or sometimes confuses us.


I am writing this blog post, to lessen our need for bad news. It is all covered here, and you can therefore always come back here for more bad news if you need it. There is no need to turn on your news channel or read the newspaper. I have tried to cover it all here:

  • Starvation
  • Poverty
  • Wars
  • Murders
  • Robberies
  • Wraps
  • Abuse of children and women
  • Abuse of animals
  • Harassments
  • Random accidents
  • Accidents because of lack of responsibility
  • Plane, train, bus, car etc. crashes
  • Pollution
  • Environmental destruction
  • Killing of animals and protected species
  • Drugs and alcohol addiction
  • Terrorism
  • Brain washing
  • Corruption
  • Speeding and related accidents
  • Crimes

Did I miss something?

We cannot let all the bad things stand in the way for all the positive things which are also happening in life, but bad news and sex sell better than goods news. I will get more hits on this post because I used the word sex. I believe in a market economy. We are consumers of bad news, and I am lobbying for a rebirth of GOOD NEWS. Focusing on the negative leads to an increased level of fear in society, and leads us all into a downward spiral. We need good news.

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We need to look forward, with a sense of thinking that our history is a blank sheet of paper. It does not mean that we should forget our loved ones or tragedies, but we can decide to have a forward thinking mentality. We have to accept the past and move on. Sorrow takes time, but we need to move on. Every day is a new day with new possibilities, and yesterday is a blank sheet of paper, just as the future is.

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Now, that we have written down all the bad news here, we can rest assure that we have covered that area. We can now continue our lives with blank sheets and good news.  Let us now create a beautiful future. Everyday is a good news.

Happy Holidays!