The two secret ingredients needed for a great pasta sauce

Do your kids love spagetti with a pasta sauce? Well, you may have thought you made a good pasta sauce, but my friends, here is a recipe that takes the art of making a pasta sauce to another level, and reveals the simple truth of perfecting a pasta sauce.

Over the years I have been experimenting with various ingredients in the pasta sauces, and tested on my kids. In all honesty, it is because the list of things I at the moment can cook well, is short. The cooking has come with various level of success, and some complete failures. As a researcher I of course ask my self, why, what and how is this possible.

I have now successfully identified the two ingredients that make the pasta sauce move to another level, a level where you will start getting positive reviews on your cooking from your kids. Used properly these two ingredients which I am about to reveal, will make any kid or adult literally down the pasta and sauce in a few minutes, and they will go for a second round.

The nr 1 key ingredient is Tabasco. Any other spices simply do not compare to the wonders made by a few drops of Louisiana Tabasco into the sauce. The other key ingredient, not to be taken lightly, is to make sure you mix in a butter or margarine with the pasta. Here, the trick is to use a lot of it. The Tabasco gives a warmth and yumminess to the pasta sauce that makes it hard to resist and really completes the pasta sauce. The butter or margarine makes the pasta itself delicious. Also make sure to boil the pasta exactly according to the instructions, too short or too long can result in a complete disaster. Believe me. Lastly, I have noticed that the type of pasta that taste the best together with my kids is the regular spagetti.


  1. Minced meat or meat substitute such as quorn
  2. Pepper and salt – modest amount
  3. Garlic – do not be a coward, use plenty
  4. One onion – the bigger the better
  5. Crushed or strained tomatoes – but not too much
  6. Red pepper (not the strong one) –  it is more for the visual effect
  7. Grated carrot – use the smaller option such that you do not really see the carrot in the sauce
  8. A few drops of Tabasco
  9. Spagetti
  10. Margarine or butter

Sure, if you have time to let it boil for a long time, that may make wonders, but I would say this can be completed in 20-30 minutes.

Other potential ingredients:

  1. Mushrooms – as replacement for the quorn or meat
  2. A little bit cream in the sauce – just a small amount


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